Yahoo as most search engines tries refrain from allowing advertisers to infringe on trademarked names, but has gone too far with its aggressive blockage of keyword phrases for sponsored search advertisers.

For example: If you try to advertise your product or service in Alamo California, Yahoo will decline your keywords because of the word “Alamo”, or possibly Gateway, Washington. Sure, Alamo and Gateway are recognizable trademarks, but does one business entity have the ability to block advertisers from using a single word to target different products or services that are not remotely related to rental cars or computers? There are literally hundreds of cities that fall under this scenario including single word trademarks that could easily apply to other products or services.

Additionally, try to bid on keywords for Gun Barrel City Texas or Rifle Colorado and you’ll find your advertising blocked because the names of the these cities are mistakenly identified with firearms.

Have you experienced anything similar? Has Yahoo blocked any of your keywords or sponsored ads for too aggressively blocking a possible trademark? Share your story with our readers.

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