Our daily spend rate with Yahoo puts at a Gold support level. We would like to be at the platinum level at some point, but until Yahoo gets their new sponsored search platform fixed that might not be possible.

We had our campaigns working well making incremental progress each day until Yahoo implemented their new platform. It flat out sucks and all you get is the standard company line when you call support. We have experienced a range of oddities from prices changing, deleted keywords un-deleting or un-pausing, price changes not working. We now spend 3+ hours per day doing Yahoo damage control.

It has gotten so bad for us that we now take screen shots of everything odd we find.

Yahoo Minimum Bid Malfunction

Yahoo sponsored search also has keywords / search terms mismatched. We found a keyword for our auto related business that mapped directly to a porn site. If you can find one smoking gun you are bound to find another. We are now searching our logs to see how many more keyword mismatches we can find.

Bottom line, the new Yahoo sponsored search does not work as advertised. It is now quirky where you could once rely on consistency. Conversations with some of our business partners and even competitors reveal the same inconsistencies and reduced ROI.

Mysterious Bid Change - Yahoo Sponsored Search