Here’s one reason Yahoo Search marketing is inferior to Google AdWords. Recently while setting up a Yahoo Search marketing account for a customer, we needed to use the bulk upload tool to load our campaigns. In Yahoo’s infinite wisdom they don’t allow a customer to have or use a bulk upload tool unless the customer runs a $500 balance for at least 90 days. Talk about sales prevention.

My customer was willing to run a $1000 per day spending limit and even fund the account with $1500 to bypass the restriction. Yahoo said no, it’s company policy to make everyone wait 90 days before allowing them the use of bulk upload functionality.

So here’s the break-down. Last night when setting up the account, it showed all of our ads approved, but we kept getting an error message that our account reached its daily spending limit, was not active, or one other reason I cannot recall. We spent two hours jacking around with the account to determine why our ads were not displaying on Yahoo.

The Big Wait….

After waiting on hold today for 30 minutes I was told that even though the ads show they are approved, it does not mean that the account is really active. I was also informed that Yahoo locks users out while doing an account review. None of which is documented or displayed when setting up the account. (Spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out why I could no longer login into the account)

The Bottom Line

If you are going to do any type of search marketing, start with Google AdWords. It is much easier to set up your account, ppc campaigns, and get your ads active. It’s true, you can have a Google AdWords account active within 15 minutes of setting up your account. Google also garners a larger percentage of the search pie and generates more relevant search results that Yahoo.

The net result is mass confusion for customers as warnings and status messages are not always accurate as to what is really happening with the account. We now have to wait up to 24 hours for the account review and then we don’t know how many of our ads will be live.

And to think Microsoft wants to purchase this mess.