I’d love to think that the Yahoo Sponsored Search Campaign Optimizer works, but I’m not convinced it does. We set most of our Yahoo sponsored search campaigns to run with the “Optimizer” turned on. This feature allows you to enter some variables for some business action such as revenue or CPA (cost per action).

We tried this for several weeks and all we seemed to get were ulcers and the campaign optimizer could not maintain any level of consistancy for us. Below are a few screen shots:

Yahoo Campaign Optimizer Results

As you can see from this first screen shot, The optimizer did not maintain our revenue projection, CPA, and allowed clicks on keywords run with no conversions.

Here’s a 2nd screen shot from another campaign:

Yahoo Campaign Optimizer Results

Here’s what Yahoo had to say….

When we asked Yahoo about the inconsistancy with the campaign optimizer, they told us to give it at least 30 days that it would get better. (All while we spend money with no accountability, and poor results)

This is like going to your doctor, or your attorney, or your mechanic and they tell you “Let’s give it 30 days while you continue to pay me $500 or more per day” and see where we are at after that.

How many people or businesses would buy into anything else with a large daily spend with no accountability for some type of results? This is basically what Yahoo told us regarding the use of the campaign optimizer. We then asked Yahoo if they guaranteed the performance of the campaign optimizer and we were told “NO”.

With no accountability and no guarantee for results of a tool that is supposed to maintain parameters you enter, we are not turning the optimizer off on all of our accounts and will monitor and make changes manually.

What kind of results have you had with the Yahoo campaign optimizer? Share your experiences with our readers.

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