Recently I went on a business trip / vacation to New England to visit customers and family I have in that area. While on the road I needed Internet access and was counting on my wifi hotspot access through T-Mobile. I planned on visiting Starbucks that had wireless Internet access. There was one problem, once you leave Dallas, it gets hard to find a Starbucks anywhere with wifi access until you hit Ohio.

Next best option; after searching the web for “wifi hotspot directories” and “wireless hotspot directories” to my disappointment, I found hotels offering Free wireless Internet access the next best option. Once I got near a city I planned to spend the night in, a quick stop to any gas station or rest area quickly supplied numerous magazine with hotel coupons and information on hotels offering Free high-speed wifi access.

This turned out to be a better solution than even searching the web as some hotels I called on the web didn’t have access or it was dial-up.

Additionally, while in an area where my brother-in-law lived, I had to travel about 15 miles to a local hotel that had high-speed wireless Internet access. Because I didn’t have a room with them, they offered to provide me with a pass for 24 hours for a modes fee of $3.00

So, if you are on the road and need high-speed wireless Internet access, try hotel / motels and don’t be afraid to ask for a day pass or to pay for access.

In my opinion, Wifi hotspot directories are still in their infancy and don’t provide enough thorough data to be of any real value yet. (If I’m wrong someone please point me to a good wifi directory site or share it with our visitors)

Metroplex Directory

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