If you work for a large company or enterprise corporation you are probably already aware of this. Many large companies and businesses block flash at the network level which in turn blocks Flash from the desktop user.

In work I’ve done for real estate companies, auto dealers, and even some of my web hosting customers have all witnessed this. Some companies will block Flash to preserve network bandwidth and prevent employees from watching movie trailers or playing Flash games on the company nickel.

I was prompted to write this article as I had an opportunity to sit in on a vendor meeting in which the vendor pointed out that they had one of the fastest deliveries available for an online product. Everything was coded in Flash. When I asked the vendor if they were aware that by virtue of the application being Flash based a certain percentage of potential customers would be unable to view his offering….He looked at my like I had three heads and recited the marketing line from Adobe / Macromedia regarding 93% of all desktops having some version of Flash installed out of the box.

This is a great number, but it is doesn’t speak to the growing number of networks blocking multi-media type files.

Are thinking of developing a web application in Flash? Be sure to take into consideration the percentage of potential customers, viewers, or prospects that will not be able to view your Flash files. How could this affect your bottom line?

Do you work for a company that blocks Flash on the network? Share your story with our visitors.