If you’ve driven anywhere around the DFW Metroplex, you’ve seen the natural gas drill stations popping up everywhere. Recently, I received a notice on my door with respect to leasing my mineral rights and the potential for a signing bonus and royalties.

Fortunately, I didn’t make the rash decision like some of neighbors and sign on for a few hundred bucks and a gas card.

Forget for a moment that gas companies are wanting to drill gas wells near our homes and schools, they pump millions of gallons of solution into the ground made up of water and various chemical agents. Many that can cause cancer. Anyone who doesn’t think this will have some sort of negative environmental effect is smoking crack.

Here’s a great website for more information: Water Under Attack – Please read some of the information and watch the videos before you sign up to destroy your neighborhood and community.

Here’s the thing that chaps me. I’ve been a life-long republican and I’m discovering that Dick Cheney somehow got the oil and gas industries exempt from The 1972 Clean Air and Water Act along with numerous other environmental safety measures. This is wrong. Are we so naive to think that pumping chemicals into the ground is not going to come back and haunt us?

Get educated, start a community group.

Like I said, I’ve been a life long republican and my party is saying drill baby drill. I say wait baby wait until we know that we can do this safely with no future impact on our water supplies.

I heard one person comment that you would not be able to get a permit to build a house within 150 feet of a well, but it is ok for an oil or gas company to drill within 150 feet of a house or school possibly.

Here are a few other things to consider with respect to natural gas drilling near residential areas.

– There will be noise and traffic
– Constant use of diesel generators
– Evaporation Pits – The chemicals evaporated on site will be dispersed in the air around our homes and neighborhoods.
– Leaching of chemicals into our ground water, streams, and lakes.

What are your experiences with natural gas drilling (urban gas drilling) near homes and schools? Share your thoughts with our readers.