My daughter attends a local high school here in the metroplex and is a senior this year. When attempting to check out a book she needed, the bookkeeper informed her she could not check out the book unless she paid a $60 missing book fee. Apparently, a book she turned in at the end of the previous school year did not get scanned properly or recorded properly, so it showed as missing.

My daughter told me a friend of hers had the same issue, but never took the class the bookkeeper reported the book missing for. Technology and computers can err.

While I’m sure schools try to do an admirable job using technology to manage assets, it it not infallible.

If you do not want to end up paying missing book fees, or other similar fees to a school district be sure to always ask for a printed receipt and hold onto it until the beginning of the following school year.

This way, when technology or humans do err, it’s not at the expense of your checkbook.