I can’t help but weigh in with all the other opinions and chatter regarding Hurricane Katrina. One of the key things I think will be uncovered by this tragedy is how unprepared the U.S. for the future.

In looking at gas prices, it’s not an oil shortage that is the issue, it’s a processing issue. The United States does not have adequate facilities to refine oil into gasoline and keep up with the current demand. Why is this? How did we let ourselves get into a situation? The analyst speaking on this stated that we have not built an oil refinery in the last 25 years!

Another analyst covering the building sector stated that we have a concrete shortage here in the U.S. because we have not built any infrastructure in the past 15 years to support the current demand.

We look closer at the situation in New Orleans and we see people looting, gang activity with snipers shooting at police, and politicians politicizing the situation.

Are we really ready for the future? What are your opinions on the state of the nation?

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