Many people tend to see the economic crisis as a problem from nowhere, divorcing it from the deliberate and systematic dismantling of regulation and oversight waged by the corporate sector in its fight for ever-greater profits. Many of these same people view Barack Obama’s candidacy in similar but opposite terms, seeing him as the change candidate from nowhere who will save our economic and political our economic and political system–divorcing his hope message from his actual platforms and legislative history. In part two of her February analysis of Obama’s campaign, Pam Martens makes the connection between our rootless critiques of the economy and our rootless support of Obama. When the same people causing a crisis are funding the man claiming to solve a crisis, we can expect more of the same.

In short: Obama is being funded by the very group of people responsible for this mess.

Full Article: Bankrolling A Presidential Campaign

On another note: If anyone watched Hanity & Colmes the other night. He shows video of Democrats back in 2004 stating there was nothing wrong with Freddie or Fannie. In 2004 John McCain was a lone wolf informing our nations leaders that Fannie and Freddie were on the brink of collapse. No one headed his warnings.