Like most Americans I’m frustrated with our politicians on both sides of the isle. While each side postures for its evening news talking points more and more Americans are loosing jobs.

I remember when I was in college we discussed how good NAFTA was going to be for the economy, how the US was switching from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy. Later we talked about how America needed a high-tech work force as this was the future. Guess what? All the geniuses were WRONG!

NAFTA as far as I know has not created any new job prosperity for America, it opened the doors for companies to move freely to Mexico and Canada. For more information on NAFTA, click link.

Americans were told that high-tech was the future, we needed to train up a high-tech workforce to meet future demand. While high-tech provides job security for many Americans, the outsourcing of high-tech jobs to countries like India, Philippines, and Russia have minimized the impact high-tech could have had on the US economy.

So what’s left? Service jobs? McDonalds, Burger King, Wal-Mart? are those the jobs that will keep America strong? In my home state of NH, I have friends and family that have lost jobs that are not coming back. Asking someone if they want to super-size there order will not keep America’s economy the envy of the world.

Agriculture…No one is talking about this, but I believe it is just as important as manufacturing. We are digging up and destroying farm land, orchards, and we are now importing much of our produce from around the world.

So what’s the key? I think Donald Trump had it right when he said recently that America needs to start building things again. I would also add that the US economy needs a balanced approach to manufacturing, high-tech, agriculture, and service oriented job growth. Look at China’s growth, they are now the #1 automotive market in the world and they are looking to get into the automotive manufacturing space. I now see more and more Hyundai badged vehicles from South Korea here in Dallas than I do US brands.

If America is going to turn a stagnated economy around, we need to start building and producing things that the rest of the world wants to buy. In addition, we need to turn our trade deficit around with our so called trading partners. This will take courage for political parties to sit down and have an honest discussion. A house divided against itself cannot stand…that is where we are at today.

Let’s get it right America…Let’s show the rest of the world that American exceptionalism, creativity, and work-ethic still live here.

What are your thoughts on the economy and our politicians? What do you think will turn the economy around? Comment below>>>

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