Have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone just stopped searching the Internet suddenly?
It’s a pretty scary scenario if you make your living on the Internet.

Today just might be one of those days.

I manage approximately 1 million keywords across the three major search engines. As I reviewed my stats and conversion costs it was apparent that something is insanely off with my traffic.

Initially, I thought that the website site might have been targeted for something malicious or possibly my keywords were getting hijacked.

After spending most of the day on the phone with Google, MSN, and Yahoo it became apparent that Internet searches for Friday Oct. 17th have dropped significantly. My primary niche is auto loans and auto financing.

I finally determined the traffic drop based on overall ad impressions, and a confirmation from Google stating they have also received numerous calls concerning a major drop in search traffic today.

Here’s my question for anyone reading this article. Have you seen a major decrease in your ad impressions today with respect to a Google, MSN, or Yahoo PPC acount? Please register and respond to this article. Let our visitors know if you have seen a major drop in ad impressions, ad clicks, or conversions.

For the auto niche, I’ve personally witnessed an ad impression drop across Google, MSN, and Yahoo in the range of 90% for today.

This could quite possibly be the day the Internet stood still.

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