Some Texas school districts are misrepresenting the Texas Department of Agriculture!

A recent call to the Texas Department of Agriculture has revealed some school districts misrepresent TDA guidelines on school breakfast and lunch programs.

About a month or so ago I was informed by a while having lunch with my children that I could no longer bring outside food into the school; or more specifically, food from outside food chains. The principal informed me that the new statute was issued from the Texas Department of Agriculture. Having lunch with my kids has been a tradition since elementary school. At least once a month I would bring them (along with other parents) Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, Domino’s Pizza, or some other treat from the normal fare served in the school cafeteria.

The work-a-round solution is that some parents would check their kids out from school and go have lunch with them. If you happen to miss the last lunch bell, your kids get stuck with a tardy detention.

Here’s what I learned from talking with the Texas Department of Agriculture (They were very helpful);

The TDA has responsibility now for the breakfast and lunch programs throughout the state of Texas. They have some aggressive guidelines to help promote health and better nutrition. (I think this is a good thing)

The Department of Agriculture does not have any statutes or rulings that state a parent cannot bring outside food to their child for breakfast or lunch.

Here’s where it gets tricky; many Texas school districts have been creating their own guidelines and passing them onto parents as state statute. This is flat out wrong and provides parents with misleading information.

School districts are hypocritical when telling parents that they cannot bring outside food into the schools, but school officials order out from the same food chains they restrict parents from bringing to their children. My children and their friends have reported that school officials sit in the cafeteria or office and eat the same products they say they are not allowed to have. On the day I checked my children out for lunch, several school officials were complaining about how bad Sonic was the day before and where they would go for a great cheese burger that day.

I’m interested in hearing what other parents in Texas have been told from school officials regarding school lunches. Has your school district told you that you cannot bring lunch to your child?

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