DFW Full Metal Jacket FMJ Gun Ranges


I recently went to a local DFW gun range that does not allow FMJ (full metal jacket) ammo. While I have not asked them yet as to why they do not allow FMJ, I did a Google search on “why gun ranges do not like fmj ammo”.

It is interesting as I have found the gun owner community somewhat divided and equally opinionated on the issue. Here is what  I do know that some might not be aware of…the anti-gun community outspends the pro-gun community 200 to 1. For every dollar that the pro-gun community spends, the anti-gun movement spends two hundred dollars.

I’ve made a personal decision that I want to spend my money and support a gun ranges that encourage all types of shooting disciplines and do not overly restrict the type of ammo that can be used responsibly.

Here is a link I’ve found that references several gun ranges in the DFW area that allow full metal jacket ammunition:


Gibson’s Outpost Gun Range

1712 Lawson Road
Mesquite, TX 75181
972-222-8127 or 972-222-6694

Open 6 Days a Week – 10am to 5:30pm
Open Tuesday through Sunday

$6 Membership Fee (one time)
$10.83 Range Fee (each time)
$20 for 200 yard range

Magnum Sports Center

4934 Duck Creek Rd
Sanger, TX 76266
(940) 458-7000
Wed & Fri 1:00pm To 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am To 5:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm To 5:00pm

call before you go to make sure they are open
Magnum in Sanger goes out to 200 yards
FMJ allowed outdoor range (no tracers or anything because they start fires).
Magnetic surplus military ammo is allowed.

FMJ and Quickdraw allowed! see website!
Jacobs Plain Gun Club
Phone: 903-455-2264
Address: 6734 FM 118, Greenville, TX
Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 9am-5pm. See schedule on website.
Fees: ???
Highlights: 50 and 100yd Rifle range, Pistol range, 7 tac bays, Pro shop, training, archery, RV sites.


December 31, 2012 |

Stand Up Desk Ikea


Stand Up Desk From Ikea

Without knowing, I’ve become part of the stand up desk movement. Having some back issues off and on for a number of years my back has been acting up again. I’ve been sitting in a chair for 8-14 hours a day for nearly 12 years and I knew I needed to do something different.

Yesterday, I found an article from a Google employee who used and Ikea desk and configured it as a standup desk. (I’ll link to the article later)

So now I start my journey over the next couple weeks of moving from a sit down set up to standing up at my new desk. I’m going to try it out for a week or so in our conference room before start re-arranging my office. Below are some photos of how my initial set up looks. I’ll be modifying an Ikea stool as well which I’ll take a photo of later. I’ll be using that to sit nearly standing for short periods of time until I get my body adjusted to the new configuration. I’ll also post some updates on how my back and feet are adapting.

stand up desk ikea

ikea stand up desk

cheap stand up desk

A great site for other ideas with Ikea furniture is Ikea Hackers

I’m glad I found Ikea Hackers as well as some other articles on doing a stand up desk on the cheap; Most furniture makers that throw the word ergonomic on in the description seem to think it makes the chair or desk worth an extra $1,000 dollars. Comment below and look for updates on my journey to a standup desk work environment.

Ikea Standup Desk

Ikea Furniture

February 23, 2012 |

Domain Name Giant


Domain name provider Domain Name Giant is offering new domain registrations at $9.99 per year with an extra year for free if you transfer an existing domain name from another registrar. Domain Name Giant offers additional domain name services including:

  • Email Marketing Tools
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If you’ve never registered a domain name for your business or just have not gotten around to building a website for your business, now is the time. provide live 24X7 phone support to help answer any questions you might have.

Try a Domain Name Search Now

February 9, 2011 |

Dallas Classified Ad Success


Here is a 2010 success story from two of our classified ad sites for the Dallas / Fort Worth classified ad market. One visitor took advantage of our free classified ads for Santa suit rentals and his two ads ended up in the top 10 search results of Google. If you are looking for some ways to increase traffic and visitors to your website in 2011, make sure to include and as part of your marketing strategy. Look for more posts similar to this as we go through our December 2010 web logs. Other terms:

  • Dallas Santa Suit – #1 organic listing Google
  • santa clause suit rental in dallas tx – #1 organic listing Google
  • santa costume rental dallas – #2 organic listing Google
  • rental santa suits dallas tx – #3
  • santa suit rentals dallas – #1
  • santa suits for rent dallas – #2
  • santa claus rental dallas tx – #4
  • santa suit rental plano – #6
  • santa claus costume rental euless #5
January 2, 2011 |

Local Search Still Growing


There’s been much debate on the Internet about the state of local search. While attending PubCon Dallas 2010 this past week over and over speakers reiterated that local search is growing. There are a few reasons that local search is continuing to grow:

  • Internet searchers are growing up. While folks may still do generic searches like “dallas dentist” more and more folks are starting to search specifically like “dentist near mockingbird” or “dentist on MacArthur Blvd.” Mobile local search will only cause this number to grow. Google has reported that one-third of all mobile searches are local.
  • With improvements in mobile device data services, WiFi, 3G, and 4G wireless networks, the number of mobile device or smart phone users continues to increase. While current numbers show that 25% of all mobile devices in use today are smart phones, projections put smart phone use at 50% of all devices by the end of 2011.

Bottom line: Local search is growing because Internet searchers are getting more savvy in how they search. Social media also is playing a role in local search.

If you are a Dallas business and not paying attention to the growth of mobile local search you’re going to miss out on some opportunity to grow and sustain your business.

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April 18, 2010 |

Carrie Underwood: Super Bowl 2010 National Anthem


carrie-underwood-national-anthemGet a sneak peak of Carrie Underwood warming up for Super Bowl 2010 National Anthem.

What an honor to carry the torch singing the national anthem in front of a world-wide audience. Carrie Underwood has had a sky rocket career since winning season 4 of American Idol.

While Carrie has admitted that she will be very nervous during her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, we know she’ll do America proud with her live version. There will be no lip syncing at Super Bowl 2010.

Catch all the live super bowl results with Google’s Super Bowl 2010 News scroller.

View local teen trio singing Dixie Chicks score of The National Anthem:

(This super bowl post sponsored by Bad Credit Car Loan)

February 6, 2010 |

Dallas Classifieds


We are happy to announce that we’ve revamped our classified ads section. MetroplexDirectory classified ads are free and they are set up to index well with the search engines and many other blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, medium, or large business. If you are not taking advantage of free online advertising or classifieds your missing out on potential business opportunity.

Here’s an odd statistic that I’ll share with everyone. More foreigners or folks outside of the DFW area take more advantage of our free classifieds than do small businesses right here in DFW. If you look at the ads that have been posted in just the past couple of days, two are from India and one from Pakistan.

Consistent press releases or classifieds on free sites like Metroplex Directory can bring free traffic and customers to your website or business. If you have never placed a classified ad for your business give it a try today. We don’t even require registration.

Wishing everyone a successful 2010 – MetroplexDirectory – Dallas Yellow Pages

PS – Some of our posts in both our blog and classifieds show up on Google in less than 10 minutes.

January 8, 2010 |

Free Website Analysis


Looking to improve your website’s overall effectiveness? Get a FREE website analysis at – Your site will be reviewed and then relevant suggestions made to improve your website’s organic rankings or pay per click marketing. With the new Google Caffeine update rolling out this month it makes more sense then ever to know where your website stands.

January 8, 2010 |

Did You Know Video: Technology and Globalization


Here’s a short video that was used recently by Sony BMG that highlights changes in technology and some interesting stats on Google, MySpace, and computing power. Of note are stats that point out that China will soon be the #1 English speaking country in the world and India has more honor students than the US has students. What are your views on changes and advances in technology?

April 14, 2009 |
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