Unions and Federal Government Scamming Tax Payers?


Sitting here watching an interview with Senator Grassley and Gretta Van Sustern.

Under the current national health-care debate provisions, Democrats are willing to give Unions and federal employees a tax exemption on health-care insurance until 2014 / 2018.

So while hard working Americans are paying taxes on Obama’s proposed health care program, unions and federal employees will get a tax break. Giving one group of constituents a free ride on paying taxes for votes is ridiculous. That’s what this is all about.

Since many want the government to create equality for “everyone” why would union and federal employees stand by quietly while the rest of Americans pay an unfair distribution of potential taxes?

What are your thoughts? Are unions killing America? Should some Americans get a tax break on Obama’s proposed health-care plan while others pay more? Why don’t the House and the Senate have the same type of insurance that you and I will have? Weigh in and share your opinion.

March 1, 2010 |

Small Business: Personal Responsibility


With the economy down and the forecast of more layoffs to come, what are you doing to keep your small business thriving in a slumping economy? Are you sitting back and waiting for the federal government to come to your rescue or are you rolling up you sleeves and taking personal responsibility for the survival of your business?

In the coming weeks, Metroplex Directory will be rolling out some free and very cost effective methods of promoting your business online. Also, look for our report on 10 Ways To Jump Start Your Website.

Please respond to this post and share your thoughts and ideas with our visitors. How are you adapting your business to the changing economy? Do feel you deserve a bailout package for your business?

January 23, 2009 |
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