Local Search Still Growing


There’s been much debate on the Internet about the state of local search. While attending PubCon Dallas 2010 this past week over and over speakers reiterated that local search is growing. There are a few reasons that local search is continuing to grow:

  • Internet searchers are growing up. While folks may still do generic searches like “dallas dentist” more and more folks are starting to search specifically like “dentist near mockingbird” or “dentist on MacArthur Blvd.” Mobile local search will only cause this number to grow. Google has reported that one-third of all mobile searches are local.
  • With improvements in mobile device data services, WiFi, 3G, and 4G wireless networks, the number of mobile device or smart phone users continues to increase. While current numbers show that 25% of all mobile devices in use today are smart phones, projections put smart phone use at 50% of all devices by the end of 2011.

Bottom line: Local search is growing because Internet searchers are getting more savvy in how they search. Social media also is playing a role in local search.

If you are a Dallas business and not paying attention to the growth of mobile local search you’re going to miss out on some opportunity to grow and sustain your business.

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April 18, 2010 |

Fat Cat Leadership and Your Tax Dollars


Sitting here watching the news and it looks like everyone is lining up for a bailout with taxpayer money.

We have school boards that misappropriate millions of dollars in school budgets, auto makers who cannot forecast properly the types of vehicles Americans would purchase, and now we have states who cannot balance their budgets and looking for tax payer money.

America is going bankrupt under the leadership of overpaid fat cats who don’t seem to have any wisdom or common sense. The bottom line for most financial issues that plague national, state, and local economies is to cut spending. Nearly every small business owner understands this. You can’t spend more money than you take in.

What are your thoughts? Are overpaid fat cats killing America? What do you think the future of America is with our inability to reduce national debt, state debt, and local debt?

Wondering what the national debt looks like these days: National Debt Clock

Fact: China holds more than $502 billion in U.S. treasuries. – How scary is that?

Where has sound leadership gone? What would our founding fathers think or say if they could see the state of our national economy?

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January 4, 2009 |
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