US Job Losses Announced


This past Monday resulted in major corporations announcing more major job cuts:

  • Caterpillar – 20,000 job cuts
  • Sprint / Nextel – 8,000 job cuts
  • HomeDepot – 7,000 job cuts
  • Pfizer – 8,000 job cuts
  • General Motors – 2,000 job cuts

What are your thoughts on continued job cuts and the current bailout package on the table? Do you think the bailout package on the table will slow or reverse the number of jobs currently being cut by major corporations? Additionally, where do you think new sustained jobs will come from? Will they come from the government, small businesses, or major corporations? Please share your views with our visitors.

January 28, 2009 |

Small Business: Personal Responsibility


With the economy down and the forecast of more layoffs to come, what are you doing to keep your small business thriving in a slumping economy? Are you sitting back and waiting for the federal government to come to your rescue or are you rolling up you sleeves and taking personal responsibility for the survival of your business?

In the coming weeks, Metroplex Directory will be rolling out some free and very cost effective methods of promoting your business online. Also, look for our report on 10 Ways To Jump Start Your Website.

Please respond to this post and share your thoughts and ideas with our visitors. How are you adapting your business to the changing economy? Do feel you deserve a bailout package for your business?

January 23, 2009 |
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