How’s Your T-Mobile Cell Phone Service in Dallas?

I’ve been a T-Mobile user for about 5 years here in the Dallas market and I’ve been fairly happy with service. My TMobile service has had very few issues and I typically get a great signal anywhere I’m at here the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Occassionally I will loose my GPRS connection and will need to reconnect manually to receive email and / or data.

Today I’ve been online with T-Mobile for over an hour trying to resolve my first major connectivity issue. Three phones with two different numbers and I have been unable to get a signal while tech support is showing no issues here in the Dallas market….I’m at level three support right now.

I use a Treo 600 and and MDA III. Both of these phones have unique features. My Treo 600 is great to use with one hand while my MDA III has great pocket PC functionality and a fast 400 Mhz processor. However, my MDA III is difficult to use with one hand.

Which phone service do you use? Are you a TMobile user? If so, how has your service been lately? A couple of weeks ago TMobile had some tower issues in Dallas due to heavy rain the evening before. I’m hoping this is not a sign of deminshing service.

I finally had to get pushed through to level three support to have an engineer do a drive-by test of the network in my area.

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