sprint-htc-heroThere are some old posts regarding ability to sync  Mac with the new Sprint HTC Hero. Great news!! MarkSpace has version one “Missing Android Sync” – Sync Mac with HTC Hero.

Should have new HTC Hero next week. Look for videos on unboxing and opinion after first week of using it.

If you are aware of any other good sync tools for the Android based HTC Hero please add your post for our readers.

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  1. Well for those of you who like the HTC Hero I traded mine for a Palm Pre. I could not get used to the on screen keyboard and I shake too much.

    In February, Palm will be releasing another update that will provide for video/audio and video editing on the fly. From their you can post your video online. Can’t wait. Also, I must have a Pre from a newer batch of phones. I have virtually no wiggle in the slider as some allude to in other videos.

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