Swine Flu is the great American sham. Why? because for the first time in my adult life I’ve never seen so many Americans go into a panic that is nearly baseless. I’m all for precautions and I’m not taking this lightly by any means.

After doing some of my own research starting at WebMD they state that only one US death has been reported and nearly all of the original 66 confirmed reports recovered with no medications. They also go on to state that two medications alleviate Swine flu symptoms; Tamiflu and Relenza. What are the death or annual statistics for any other flu virus we see annually?

Our local school district has closed for a week, school events have been cancelled all because of one report of a child in a day care that “may” have Swine flu.

The other night I was at the emergency room with my daughter. The emergency room was nearly empty. While waiting, I had an opportunity to talk with one of the nurses regarding Swine flu. She said she was sick and tired of hearing all the hype and mis-information…It’s just a flu. Are we going to panic next year when there is another new strain of the flu?

Now, the panic is at a point where it is going to affect our economy both nationally and locally. VP Joe Biden further added to the panic by telling folks not to travel or go shopping.

Around the globe there are news reports of countries banning pork products and slaughtering pigs by the thousands. Swine flu is turning into the greatest health sham of 2009.

The precautions are no different than for any other flu virus.

Wash your hands and go shopping

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