Travis “Fritz” Meitzen a TSRA member needs assistance in finding a stolen rifle. January 3, 2007 his truck was burglarized and of the many things stolen was his deceased grandfather’s rifle. The police are hopeful that it will be pawned off, but he wanted to try to do his part as well; given the specs of the rifle it might end up in a collectors hands and this is of course why Fritz contacted TSRA.

The gun is a 30/06 and it says on the gun:

Made in Austria
Mannilicher Schoenauer
model 1950
KAL 3006

Stoeger Arms Corporation
Ney York
Sold US Agents


There is no serial number on the gun but there is one on the Leopold scope and that number is 84830. The gun is somewhat unique as it has two safety switches. There is one in the stock and one on the bolt itself.

a substantial reward is being offered if anyone that has any information that gets this family heirloom back to Fritz. This has been a terrible experience, but he’s hoping that the kindness of others might bring this gun back to him.

Fritz Meitzen
Austin, Texas

PS This gun was given to my grandfather about 60 years ago by his best friend. The friend had three children, but he told my grandfather that none would respect and take care of his gun as well as my grandfather. A few years before my grandfather died, he gave the gun to me. I cannot begin to tell you how much this gun means to me.