Where do Dallas Fort Worth businesses stand on the current proposed stimulus / socialist spending package? Obama is stating that the stimulus package is now a spending package. Can any DFW small business owners share or expound on how the proposed spending package will help create new jobs or expand your business so that you can hire new employees?

Spending that should not be part of this discussion is any spending that is minority or race based, as any stimulus should not be based on race, gender, or ethnicity. A fair and balanced stimulus package should help all business owners expand and hire new employees.

This proposed spending package should scare the crap out of everyone as it will double our nation’s national deficit and burden our children and grandchildren for generations. It was reported this morning that Fox Business Network has filed a class action suit to get access to documents showing where the first 350 billion dollars went. Fox reported that both the Bush administration and the current Obama administration are not providing transparency both parties promised to provide the American people.

Let’s not be in a rush to pass a “socialist spending” package that will forever change the shape of America.

What are your thoughts on the proposed spending package? Do you think it will stimulate the economy and create new jobs or will it only increase our national deficit?

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