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Without knowing, I’ve become part of the stand up desk movement. Having some back issues off and on for a number of years my back has been acting up again. I’ve been sitting in a chair for 8-14 hours a day for nearly 12 years and I knew I needed to do something different.

Yesterday, I found an article from a Google employee who used and Ikea desk and configured it as a standup desk. (I’ll link to the article later)

So now I start my journey over the next couple weeks of moving from a sit down set up to standing up at my new desk. I’m going to try it out for a week or so in our conference room before start re-arranging my office. Below are some photos of how my initial set up looks. I’ll be modifying an Ikea stool as well which I’ll take a photo of later. I’ll be using that to sit nearly standing for short periods of time until I get my body adjusted to the new configuration. I’ll also post some updates on how my back and feet are adapting.

stand up desk ikea

ikea stand up desk

cheap stand up desk

A great site for other ideas with Ikea furniture is Ikea Hackers

I’m glad I found Ikea Hackers as well as some other articles on doing a stand up desk on the cheap; Most furniture makers that throw the word ergonomic on in the description seem to think it makes the chair or desk worth an extra $1,000 dollars. Comment below and look for updates on my journey to a standup desk work environment.

Ikea Standup Desk

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One response to “Stand Up Desk Ikea”

  1. Hi guys, thanks for the post!
    I’ve seen a lot of these Ikea standing desks online lately– so many that I thought at first Ikea actually made a standing desk like this!
    But here is my question: what do you do when you want to sit down at a standing desk?
    Personally I have a “makeshift standing desk” at home, which is really just a table, a chair, and some boxes ;o). But when I want to sit down, I have to move all of my stuff, stop what I’m doing, and go to my regular, sitting desk. It is a pain.
    I’ve been looking into NextDesk lately, though. It is an adjustable height desk, and while it is a liiiiittle more expensive than something home-made, it also seems a lot more convenient. And pretty. And eco-friendly. I guess it looks like a really good product overall.
    Check it out and let me know what you think–
    Thanks again for the post!

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