This article on speech to text productivity, will be a series that I’ll be writing about over the coming months.

The words you see typed here were not typed by my hands, they were entered using a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Recently, I had shoulder surgery, which has required me to keep my right arm in a sling for about 30 days. I tried for the first day or so to type with one hand, but found this extremely slow and tedious. I have heard of speech text programs, especially the one that I’m using now, but never really thought they were all that productive. Boy was I was wrong!

In just one night, I have been able to master all of the basics of using this exceptional speech to text program. I can now speak what I couldn’t type while using my left hand for mouse functions. I’m looking forward to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to operate my web browser, Outlook, and other Windows-based applications.

Currently, many professionals are using speech to text applications, such as the medical fields and legal fields with much success.

Look for more posts to come, as I share my user experience with speech to text, and how it has increased my productivity. My big challenge now, is once I have use of both arms, I may not want to give up Dragon NaturallySpeaking.