Recently, I was just about to drop some dough on a digital camcorder. I had spent weeks doing research and comparing features, functions, etc. when my old analog Sony Hi8 died.

After doing some more research I found it was cheaper for me to purchase another camcorder than to have my old Hi8 video tapes digitized. The trick is finding a camcorder that is backwards compatible. The Sony TRV240 is just that.

This camcorder will record digital video onto a Digital 8 tape (8mm) and will also record and play Hi8 tapes.

I started shopping and found a B class refurb on for just $149 + shipping.

Here’s the best part of this camera…Even though it comes with a USB port and supports USB streaming, the iLink port is basically a firewire port. It gets even better. When I connected the TRV240 to my pc firewire port and opened my video editing program it captured the video (analog) to digital. In the past I used a media converter that I ran analog video through and then captured to my pc.

What this means now is that I can capture digitial or analog video directly to my pc without using an external conversion device (digital encoder).

Looking for a great digital and backwards compatible analog camcorder? The Sony TRV240 might just do the trick.

Here’s my personal favorite site that covers camcorders.