At hearing the news of the Apple iPhone I’m in a bit of a quandry. After trying and using nearly all of the major devices I’m fed up with wasting time with smartphones that only function two thirds of the time when you need them most. But hearing about the iPhone makes me want to give this phone a try.

I have personally used the Palm Treo, iMate SP3i, SX66/MDA III, TMobile DASH, and a host of other phones I’ve tested. All of these phones had their good and bad points, but at what cost to productivity? With phones packing in so many features, the business user has to think critically about what functionality is most important. Also, I find when I talk with most cell phone users that have the latest smartphone, most features or functionality rarely get used.

One of the factors that rarely gets considered in my opinion with the use of smartphones is the amount of time wasted testing, tinkering, and talking with tech support to fix issues. Backing up and making sure you don’t loose data is another issue. I have found that no matter how often I backed up my software, I always had occassions where I lost some data because I wasn’t in the right place at the right time.

After my latest use of the TMobile DASH I’m going to the Blackberry 8700G and will start using my daytimer again to prevent from loosing billing data and other information I don’t want to risk on a smartphone. So when is too much technology too much with a smartphone? Sure, they are supposed to make our lives easier and more productive, but I’m not so sure that’s the case right now.

Here are a few if my personal experiences with bleeding edge smartphones:

– Most cell phone companies don’t test enough before putting a new smartphone into the marketplace.
– Cell phone companies typically know of existing issues with smartphones, but play the odds when it comes to customer complaints
– Poor validation of compatible third party software applications.
– When in doubt… Reset – A poor excuse for troubleshooting

What are your thoughts on smartphones? What types of issues have you experienced in using your smartphone for business?