How to Handle the Pet Issue When Showing Your Home

The best case scenario is to remove all pets before showing your home. However, this is not always possible and certainly not convenient for many sellers.

A cat will typically hide when visitors arrive, but a dog often responds to visitors with barking, jumping and even growling. Take your dog for a long walk during the showing, if possible, or ask a neighbor to watch your dog during that time. You can also keep the dog outside, although this may detract from showing potential home buyers your home’s outdoor living spaces. Finally, a kennel may be an option if your home is being shown during the day, while you’re away.

Even though your beloved pets have become a part of your family and a part of your home, it is important to remember that not all potential Dallas Real Estate home buyers are pet lovers and some even might have allergies.

Therefore, it is important that you keep this in mind when showing your Dallas home.