I talked with a good friend of mine this evening who owns a business located in an average size shopping center in the Colleyville area. As we spoke he lamented about how bad business has been and it hasn’t even picked during the ensuing Christmas rush.

He’s not alone. He shared with me that other businesses in his shopping center are struggling as well and hoping to hold on through this Christmas season. As we talked he said I’m afraid we’ve been Wal-Marted this year.

While we’re talking on our cell phones I just happened to be driving by my local Wal-Mart….parking lot packed as usual on a Saturday night. To my friends point, most people today are only concerned about price, not quality, not workmanship, not service, and the list goes on.

What’s all this got to do with microeconomics? Plenty, our communities are made of many small businesses that put money back into your local economy, buy homes, live and participate in local community activities; all the things that make a community unique.

So the next time you’re going to go shopping, stop for a minute and see if there is a local small business that you can visit. You’ll help make your community stronger with each small business owner you do business with.

PS – Are you a local Dallas Fort Worth small business owner? Share your thoughts and opinions with our visitors and readers. How is your business doing? Is your business doing good or bad?

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