As I’ve watched the recent news regarding the city of Plano red light camera issue I wonder where we’ll be five years from now. I find it ironic that municipalities which typically sell intersection / red light cameras as a means to save lives, curb crime is really a revenue generator.

The city of Plano will make a million dollars annually from residents that run red lights and the state gets half the revenue. I’m wondering how all this gets sold to residents. It seems the next phase as state and city municipalities turn technology into revenue generators is to add speed sensors, smog sensors, and anything else they can think of to increase state and local revenue.

It brings to mind the big brother debate and the question of data privacy for citizens. With toll tags that track your every mile, cell phones with GPRS, there is litterally no place you or I can go without big brother having the ability to track every foot you or I travel each day.

Technology used by municipalities is always sold as something that is supposed to enhance and make our lives better, but the more time I spend understanding technology, the more I see it as a tool to manage the masses like cattle.

What are your thoughts? What’s next after red light cameras?

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