If you’re one of the millions of Americans upset with the pending vote that will put $700 billion + dollars on the backs of the US taxpayers take note that both Obama and McCain took the expedient route and voted in favor of further burdening hard working main street Americans.

I had planned on voting for McCain, but now I’m undecided. As for those of you who planned on voting for Obama, what do you think of his actions to further tax you? He has stated on the campaign trail that he wanted to relieve the tax burden of middle class America. So before potentially taking office, he has voted in favor of one of the largest US taxpayer bailouts in history.

If anyone watched the initial house debates, there are many options available that do not require taxpayers to foot the bill. Fixing existing laws that are broken, mark-to-market accounting rules, and other similar measures could ease this crisis.

Taxing America further is expedient and does not guarantee that we will not fall into a recession. No matter who you plan to vote for, get informed. With elections coming up, a vote for anyone who voted in favor of more taxes on main street America should be strongly reconsidered.

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