I don’t want to make light of Obama’s swearing in as our44th president, but it’s time for reality to set in. In m life-time I have never seen so much hype or adulation over one person. President Obama is a man, he is not deity.

As a moderate-conservative I think only time will tell how well Obama will govern. Since I’m not drinking Obama kool aid I won’t have a reference point for the change he is talking about. The inaguration pretty much summed up what the next four years will hold. It is obvious as a nation we are caught up in “moments”. While caught up in the moment of swearing in our nation’s first bi-racial president, we didn’t have the decency to show president Bush the respect he deserved for serving our nation for eight years. Whether you agreed with his policies or not, he and his wife did not deserve to be booed on a day where we were supposed to show respect for the office of the president.

Black rappers inciting their fans with words of division and hate. So much for national unity. So much for racial equality.

As for race relations; now that we are all equal, will Obama remove quotas, affirmative action, and other race based  programs? Will people of color now also call for the removal of these programs? I doubt it. Will minority business owners play on a level playing field with their non-minority counter parts? I doubt it. As the economy tightens or shrinks it will only highlight inequalities in the market place.

Here is a quote from Forbes:

“I don’t think we will live the same way for 10 years,” says Howard Davidowitz, chairman of New York-based retail consultant and investment bank Davidowitz & Associates. “People are so scared they’re starting to save.”

Davidowitz doesn’t think a huge government stimulus will help. Better to let things bottom out naturally before regrouping. “Obama’s plan will make it worse,” he says. “We got into this by borrowing and stimulating, now he wants to borrow and stimulate more.”

If you are drinking Obama kool aid you probably think government funded everything will solve our nation’s woes. The fact that you say you want to cut government spending and increase it at the same time would appear to be an oxymoron in my book.

Congratulations to Barak Obama for becoming our nation’s first bi-racial president. I will pass on the kool aid and watch with reservation the positive change this presidency promises to bring about.

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  1. Think about it folks; On Obama’s 2nd day in office, his top priority as newly elected president of the United States was to extend rights to terrorists with an executive order to close GITMO.

    Many Americans thought fixing the economy and creating jobs would be a top priority.

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