Have you ever bought and sold a domain name? Thinking about buying and selling a domain name or two? I have sold numerous domains through AfterNIC, but never sold a domain through Network Solution’s Certified Offer program.

Recently, I sold a domain name through AfterNIC and completed the transaction in a single day and received my funds within 24hours to my paypal account. AfterNIC keeps a small percentage of the sale, but things can go very quickly if everyone is on the ball.

In the case with Network Solutions, It took me nearly a month to complete all the back and forth requests and I’m now told I will need to wait another 3-4 weeks to receive a check in the mail. In the mean time, the buyer has full ownership and use of the domain name. Network Solutions does not charge the seller via their Certified Offer program, but the wait is not worth it in my opinion.

Want to complete a domain name sale / transaction quickly? Use AfterNIC

I do a fair amount of business with Network Solutions and their customer support is awesome, but in the case of domain name sales I will not use them again in the future.