Did you know that nationalized health-care will increase payments for unnecessary or elective health services?

Let me frame the conversation first; Several months ago, I was talking with someone about the cost of braces for my children even with insurance. The person I was talking with remarked that her friend found a way to get medicaid to pay for braces for all 3 or 4 of her children. I dismissed the conversation until it came up with a business associate a couple of weeks ago.

My business associate went through the loss of his business and needed medical coverage for his wife. He tried to get medicaid for his wife, but they turned her down, instead opting to cover his daughter. He was told to take her to a doctor who in turn sent her to an orthodontist in which she was prescribed for braces with medicaid covering the full bill.

So here I am like many hard working Americans; I work my tail off for my family and have been paying $300 per month for braces for three kids for nearly six years..the equivalent of a car payment. That’s $300 per month after private health insurance deductibles.

Braces are an elective procedure, not a non-elective procedure. When did braces become a medical necessity for medicaid recipients? Many folks like myself get to pay a premium for elective services while medicaid gives away free orthodontic care that you and I pay taxes for.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What will be next for medicaid or nationalized health-care recipients? Botox? Teeth Whitening? Lipo-Suction? Permanent Makeup? Elective Abortions?

Once health-care is nationalized, there will be no cap on elective procedures when politicians realize they can garner more votes by including additional elective medical procedures to their constituents that want cradle to grave coverage.

Wake up America! We are broke! We cannot pay for braces, teeth whitening, or abortions.

What are your thoughts? Do you think nationalized health-care will increase expenditures on elective procedures? Is America moving in the right direction? Are insurance companies the real villains? Is it the responsibility of the federal government to provide health insurance for every American?

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