This may come as a surprise to some, but Metroplex Directory has been online as a local Dallas Yellow Pages directory since 2000. We won’t win any design awards, but we’ve delivered value and great search engine exposure for our customers and businesses that have chosen to list with us.

The time has come for us to branch out and expand our services to other Metro areas throughout the US. Another surprise to some, we actually get more listing requests from businesses outside of the Dallas Fort Worth area for some reason including areas such as the UK.

You will still be able to reach us by Googling Dallas Yellow Pages or www.metroplexdirectory. In addition, you can reach us by typing in and Where America Clicks.

Look for a special announcement in the next week or two and a list of our expanded services. With online search, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing heating up, it makes more sense than ever today to take advantage of local directory services.
(remember when everyone said the Internet was a fad? We do)