The Saputo Law Firm, led by criminal defense attorney Paul Saputo, handles complex misdemeanor and felony cases, including state and federal criminal work. The firm’s criminal trial lawyers handle cases from the investigation stage through jury trials and criminal appeals if necessary.

Texas criminal charges handled include misdemeanor offenses like DWI, Assault and Possession of Marijuana, felony charges including sex crimes, fraud, Possession of a Controlled Substance, felony DWI and other serious crimes.

At the federal level, the firm’s lawyers face off against United States Attorneys at the Northern District of Texas and in other jurisdictions, including at the trial level and at the punishment stage in the computation of federal sentencing guidelines.

The firm also handles post-trial matters like expunctions, orders of non-disclosure and judicial clemency.

The firm’s lawyers also represent clients in administrative courts for driver’s license suspension issues and help people obtain occupational driver’s licenses.


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