Interlingua USA is a full-service language center, specialized in fulfilling the language needs of corporations and governments worldwide. We cover areas such as:

* Translations (all fields, from general business to highly technical issues)
* Interpretation services (both simultaneous and consecutive)
* Cross-cultural training
* Language proficiency testing
* Proofreading and editing
* Multilingual transcriptions

Our company’s resources include a wide range of local and international freelance translators and interpreters with expertise in legal, medical, software localization, and technical translation.

Our highly qualified linguistic staff and associates are tested, tried and successful professional people who have proven to deliver outstanding work in their areas of expertise. We engage only the very best and foremost in the field of translation and interpretation between the English language and the alternate language in question. Among the many specialties we offer is also that of technical and specialized language projects carefully and accurately rendered according to our clients’ specifications.

We are pleased to do business with companies, governmental entities, hospitals, schools and college/universities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


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