A Korean healing modality that is a combination of accupressure to open the meridian lines, basic body alignment, and works to take the trapped air from the body. This combination allows a rising of personal energy. Hwal Ki Do literally means energy rebirth and is a very powerful modality to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. Hwal Ki Do treatment, the client is more open and receptive to the Spiritual. Often if you have gas trapped in the body, pressing on the organs or spine, or closed off meridians, your personal energy can not flow, and even if you have realigned the spine it usually will not stay. They all work together and it is important to balance the body with all three keys.Juhee Lim, founder of the Oriental Therapy School in Irving has been administering Hwal Ki Do therapy to patients for over 30 years.Suffering from a sore or stiff back or kneck? Get relief immediately.


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