Ceiling Outfitters® understands one of the most effective ways to visually engage an audience is to utilize ceiling space or storefront windows to communicate your message. The main drawback of using ceiling space for hanging signs or displays is the installation process. Renting lifting devices is expensive and time-consuming. Employees on ladders are a major risk for injury, increased workman’s compensation claims and potential lawsuits. Our Magnetic Hanging System solutions, such as Clik-Clik™, eliminate the need to climb a ladder or rent a lifting device, making ceiling installations and retrievals easier, faster and safer. Our ladderless installation solutions allow precise placement of ceiling signs, displays and décor while keeping employee’s feet firmly on the ground!

Easily and safely hang signs from ceilings without needing a ladder using the patented Clik-Clik™ magnetic sign hanging hardware system. Instead of expensive, accident-prone ladders or indoor lifts, employees can hang and move signs while standing safely on the floor. It even works with ceilings over 27 feet high!

Easily hang banners from ceilings using the E-Z Banner Hanging System. Framing the top and bottom edges of banners, signs, and posters keeps them flat and straight, improving their appearance and readability. Improve visibility of your banners with the E-Z Banner Hanging System. And forget using messy tape or measuring out string to hang the banners. Miracle-Sticks® and LoopLine™ solve both of these problems. When shopping our online store, you’ll find the banner mounting and hanging hardware you need. Perfect for retail, factories, schools, event venues, and more.

Need ceiling hardware and accessories to make it easier and safer to hang signs/banners from ceilings? Choose from several additional methods for connecting signs to open-beam ceilings and drop-ceilings. Need to hang thicker signs/banners (like GatorFoam®, Fome-Cor® or PVC)? A U-Shaped Hook, combined with the E-Z Connect Post & Screw is what you’re looking for; it securely attaches to signs/banners made from thicker materials. Then, use a steel cable and UrbanTrapeze™ (an aluminum crimp alternative) to connect these signs to the ceiling. Need to hang signs from drop-ceilings? The E-Z Twist™ Ceiling Grid Clip installs easily with the Aluminum Installation Pole. The EZ Twist clip comes with our popular LoopLine™ cord (which helps you quickly hang level signs every time) or string. All of these ceiling and sign-hanging accessories are available on our website. We also sell C-shape metal links, metal ceiling hooks, and tools like hand swagers, and more. We’re also glad to help you find the right parts you need!