The Buzbee Law Firm has emerged as a leading plaintiffs’ firm known for highly selective case selection and aggressive representation for clients. Operating with the motto of “winning is the only option,” the eight-person, Houston-based firm has a track record of consistently winning high-stakes matters, particularly in the realm of mass torts. The firm’s reputation as a nationally recognized leader in toxic tort matters was further solidified on the heels of a highly publicized $100 million jury verdict in 2009 against BP regarding claims that BP Texas City exposed more than 100 workers to toxic chemicals. The firm has aggressively pursued BP in host of other cases related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. In total, attorneys have reportedly recovered more $500 million from BP.

Tony Buzbee is one of Texas’s most well-known trial lawyers, having represented clients ranging from the usician Jimmy Buffett to ordinary workers and residents harmed by the negligence of others. He has obtained a long list of multimillion-dollar recoveries, regularly handling matters involving personal injury, wrongful death, environmental pollution, intellectual property, commercial matters, industrial plant accidents and more.
The National Law Journal selected The Buzbee Law Firm as one of the 50 Leading Plaintiffs Firms in America. The National Law Journal is an award winning weekly newspaper that has become the leading publication for law related journalism in the US. The selection was based on the Journal’s vetting of performance, complexity of cases, variety of practices and business models. The Journal focused on firms that have significantly reshaped public policy and reformed corporate behavior through their cases. The final selections were based on performance in significant cases, verdict dollar amount, complexity of procedure and substantive law, willingness to take on large cases in the face of adversity, and the impact of litigation results on government or business practice.
The Journal article highlights the leadership of managing owner Tony Buzbee and the firm’s aggressive style as key strengths. The Buzbee Law Firm’s current involvement leading the defense of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and past victories against BP were also reported to solidify the firm’s position as a national leader in the legal community. Buzbee and his team continue to win national recognition and bring attention to the superior practice of law in Texas.
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