Linksys MIMO Router WRT54GX – Next Gen May Not Be Better

wrt54gx routerBefore you run out to purchase a next generation wireless router here are some things you might want to consider based on my personal experience with the Linksys WRT54GX wireless router with MIMO technology. (Multiple In – Multiple Out) Basically all the jargon means is that your wireless router has greater range and faster through-put.

When I purchased my Linksys WRT54GX I ran into immediate problems as I was replacing a Netgear wireless router I had been using for some time.

The set up wants to connect to the Internet which caused some issues which is fairly well documented in other locations on the Internet so I had to configure the router manually. Not a huge task, but maybe something that is not for the faint hearted.

The next thing I found after a call to customer support was that the router only supports one security method, authentication key or MAC addresses. My old Netgear router support both at the same time.

After this, I did some reading on the Internet and discovered that in order to enjoy the full benefits of Linksys SRX technology, I would need to drop another $100 for an SRX enabled wireless adapter. More depression starting to set in.

Everything seemed to be humming along for me until I tried to print to my laser printer. After double checking file and printer sharing and a test directly to the router with an Ethernet cable, I confirmed that wireless printing was not working.

Another call to Linksys tech support confirmed for me that in order for me to print wirelessly, I needed to drop another $80 for a Linksys print server. The technician informed me that it is a frequency issue and thus the reason for the extra hardware.

So now, I’m doing more research online regarding the Linksys print server to discover in forums and other online posts that the print server recommended does not work with all printers…you basically have to purchase, cross your fingers and hope it works.

The irony in all of this is that my Netgear wireless router worked fine, I just wanted to move up to some of the newest technology and wireless encryption such as WPA. Other than that, I really didn’t have a need to upgrade.

As a technology professional and Internet consultant, I love the good and bad of working with new (bleeding edge) products. In this case, I think Linksys should get very low marks on not having more information on packaging that might point out some of the issues associated with new products.

As the old adage goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. In this case, if there isn’t a good reason for you to upgrade your wireless technology, you might want to stick with what you have.

If you have had a similar issue with your wireless equipment, please share it here for our readers.

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