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I love fishing Lake Texoma for Stripers / Striped Bass. I hadn’t been to Texoma since January and wanted to see if I could take a group of friends to catch some nice fish. All of the fishing reports for Lake Texoma seemed to indicate that fishing is amazing right now, but that’s not what we experienced on our fishing trip April 28, 2012.

Fortunately, we were on a boat and with a guide that seemed to fair better than most Saturday. We went out with Sparky’s Guide Service. Sparky has one of the largest fleets of boats on Texoma including a couple of airboats for those who want to fish for catfish, or get below the dam when it’s opened. The fishing reports over the radio were common; Guide after guide reported marking fish, but they just were not biting…that’s how fishing goes.

If you are looking to catch some big fish right now, the end of May is said to be more promising for some large stripers as females will be finished spawning and they will be hungry.

Below is a photo of the fish we caught Saturday on Texoma:

Lake Texoma Fishing April 28, 2012

We were probably one of only a few fishing parties to limit out Saturday, but the fish were small and we worked to get to our limit. At $12.50 per fish to catch small fish, we probably would have done some more homework on where to catch some bigger fish this time of year. As an exercise, I went to approximately ten Lake Texoma fishing guide sites and could not find photos for April fish catches with the exception of one website.

Hopefully, the fishing on Lake Texoma will pick up more in May, but if you live here in the Dallas area and don’t want to drive all the way to Lake Texoma, you might consider fishing here in the Dallas area. One of my favorite guide services to go out with is Downwind Guide Service with Kevin McCullough. Kevin is a Lake Lewisville fishing guide and he’s been tearing up the hybrid bass. They’re big with some as large a 9lbs. Still trying to break the lake record of 11.9lbs or so.

Kevin is passionate about fishing and works hard to make sure he puts you on some large fish including a nice cache of sand-bass.

Downwind Guide Service
Kevin Mcullough – 817-909-1954

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