I’m not sure where to really start this post, but I’m sure the title has grabbed your attention.

The scenario I’m going to share is not new to me…I’ve seen it on several other occassions and so have you.

Last week my wife was sharing with me that one of her Korean friends that owns bakery – coffee shop off of Harry Hines Blvd. was in a dilema. A competitor is opening the exact same business, similar menu and format right across the street. My wife’s friend approached the business person offering to sell her business while she located somewhere else.

As big as Dallas is and as big as niche market places are here in the Metroplex you’d think we could all get along. I don’t think this is free enterprise at all. This is cut throat business when one business person intentionally opens a competing business right next door to another.

While all the big chains do this, I’m wondering if this is good business for small mom and pop type business niches. Look at the Dallas Asian market, it is a culmination of similar businesses working together to create a small economic engine…I think that’s micro economics.

I’ve seen Starbucks open across from a Dunkin Donuts, Walmart next to the largest retailer in town, and the list goes on.

Now for my main point and then a story on the opposite spectrum. With the war on terror, and enemies seeming to come at America from all sides, does it make sense for business folk to squeeze one another? I hope my wife’s friend has a happy ending when the dust settles. (more to come)

In another story, some family friends of ours that own a small hair salon in Irving were faced with the issue of a nail salon next door offering the same services as she does. She was able to work out a solution that helped them both. The nail salon agreed not to offer hair care services and vise-versa. They now refer business to one another. The nail salon gets more business (My wife and two daughters went to visit them) and my wife’s friend gets more hair care business. A real win win for small business.

Do you have any similar stories? Do you think I’m off base in my analysis? Please share your story or view point with our readers.