I’ve been looking at web statistics for years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an article that addresses the use of using the Internet for personal use while employees are at work. The image below represents a typical graph from any one of my customers. Over and over the stats always look the same. Internet usage is highest during normal business hours.

internet usage statistics

I know some of this usage is for legitimate business purposes, but I bet most employers would be shocked to see the percentage of Internet usage for business vs. Internet usage for personal use. When you translate this into productivity….Are employees being as productive as they could be if they didn’t have Internet access in the work place.

In looking at a wide spectrum of sites that I host for customers some are b2b sites, but many are not. The stats always look roughly the same. Non-business related sites have the same usage pattern as non-business related web sites.

Are you a Dallas Fort Worth business that has done any Internet usage studies on employee Internet usage? Share your data with our visitors.

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