Today I stopped into a local Brook Mays music store. While there, I inquired as to some of the factors that might have contributed to the music chain filing chapter 11. The response surprised me; A long-time employee (opinion) shared that the Internet had played a big role in attributing to the company store closures.

A quick visit to Brook Mays site and it appears they have solid looking ecommerce presence, but what about Internet marketing strategy? A closer look at code and I found that the site lacked theme, consistency, or even properly targeted keyword phrases and meta tags. Another quick checked showed approximately 550 backlinks (respectable). In some instances, it almost appears that a form of keyword stuffing is used in some of the coding.

While I only performed a quick check for some basic elements, it demonstrates how easy it is to overlook basic search engine optimization and how it can play a role in overall Internet marketing strategy.

Internet marketing stragety will continue to be an important factor and part of overall business marketing. Companies that get it right will be rewarded. Companies that create products will need foresight to predict consumer demand and buying habits. This includes how consumers search for products online. Consider how the Internet affected music sales a few years back; I saw CD stores such as “CD Warehouse” close doors all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

It appears that the way consumers purchase musical instruments and music supplies is changing. Consumers are now price shopping and purchasing more music products online.

While there is much that could speculated, I wish the folks at Brook Mays well. Do you know of any other businesses that have been affected by the Internet? If so, share you story with our visitors as well as any key points on good or bad Internet marketing strategies.