Yesterday I received a software update notification for my MAC and my HP Printer. After installing updates and restarting my MAC my CPU processing shot up to 80-95% with only my browser open. After looking at my CPU processing, the HPEventHandler was utilizing 80-90% of my CPU.

After doing a few minutes of research I decided to uninstall my HP Printer. I restarted my MAC and now my processing has returned to its normal levels.

Shame on HP. My printer will be going up for sale on eBay or I’ll just let it collect dust. Why on earth does a single application for a printer need to utilize so much processing. Also, it was not just for a short duration. The HPEventHandler continued to eat up my CPU’s for no reason at all. My printer was not even attached at the time.

HP, just lost a customer and any other printer company that feels they need to kill my Pentium Duo core processor to monitor my ink levels or whatever else they feel they need to monitor.

Have you had any bad experiences or know why HPEventHandler is so processor intensive? Share your experiences with our readers.

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