I want to give a shout out to HomeDepot manager Nick in Lewisville, TX

2-3 years ago I purchased a RIDGID cordless tool kit (display model) and never knew where or that I should register the products for warranty coverage. Recently, both of my batteries died on me and new ones run $120 each. Nick was kind enough to give me a discount on a new RIGID tool kit that I can register for future warranty coverage. Initially, warranty service said they would not / could not do anything for me because I did not register my purchase.

Home Depot Lewisville has been on point with customer service. Whenever I stop in for something, someone will always stop and ask me if I need help finding anything. If you are looking for a home improvement store with great customer service, be sure to stop in to Home Depot Lewisville.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you purchase display tools from any home improvement store ask about warranty coverage and boxes if they still have them
  • RIDGID offers a lifetime warranty on batteries and tools for home use. (Be sure to register)
  • RIDGID will direct ship new batteries or replace right at the store

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