I’m sure someone has already written about it somewhere, but I’ll weigh in on the recent increases in gas at the pumps and how it should affect online shopping. Now and in the near future I’m predicting significant growth in online shopping for several reasons.

Many people are speculating that we will see gas prices hit $3.00 per gallon…I hope they are wrong. Shopping online has never made more sense than it does now. With many families feeling the pinch at the pump, I’m betting more families will start the shopping online and pocket the savings.

With online services like Froogle a shopping site developed by Google allows shoppers to compare prices, shipping in some cases, and even print out maps if you decide you want to drive to pick up your purchase.

Starting your shopping online can save you some cash at the pumps. Instead of driving all over Dallas trying to save five bucks on that crazy lamp, compare prices online first and then go pick it up.

By shopping and comparing prices online you can further reduce your fuel consumption if you plan your shopping trips. Instead of making those out of the way stops to the mall or stores, you can plan your visits around other activities.

Online shopping has come along way over the past few years as well. Many online stores will or can ship the same day. One local company, CoffeeGIANT saves customers money on their coffee supplies by providing a wide variety of coffees, coffee pods, and office consumables online. They are also planning a re-order system that will allow customers to automatically have their coffee and office consumables re-ordered each month automatically.

So before you start driving all over Dallas Fort Worth, start your shopping online. If you are looking to save on your gas visit: Improve Gas Mileage

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