Have you ever tried to really figure out the Google Quality Score (QS)? I’ve read many articles, experimented with various ad formats and landing pages as most PPC students have, but there is a factor that I have not heard anyone talking about. It’s the grandfather clause. (If your not sure what a grandfather clause is just Google it)

A business collegue of mine has been playing the Google Adwords game now for about 5 years. His site has no more than fifteen pages, and he has nearly 100,000 keywords in his account. He is able to rank in the top 4 for nearly any keyword related to his area of PPC marketing and of course his daily spend is substantial.

My point is, it does not matter how wonderful your ad copy is, your landing page relevance, etc. The guys that have been spending big bucks on Google Adwords get a pass on all the Quality Score requirements that anyone new breaking into Adwords has to grind through. (I dare somebody to prove me wrong)

So what does this have to do with anything? Simply put, the big guys that have been spending the bucks will always have preferential treatment over anyone just trying to break into a specific market. Additionally, daily spend or dollars generated for Google has to be a hidden element to the overall Quality Score.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen big companies in a specific niche get a pass on Google Quality Score? Share your thoughts with our readers.