In the latest scam played out on Americans via the Keystone XL (tar sands) pipeline, we are led to believe that it will create thousands of jobs for Americans and that we will lessen our dependence on foreign oil / energy.

To the contrary, facts seem to indicate that the Keystone pipeline will be a way to move Canadian tar sands oil to refineries here in the US to be exported to other countries. On the issue of jobs, creating a pipeline would indeed create jobs for Americans, and the refineries in Texas would benefit. But don’t sell Americans on the notion that building a new pipeline will help lessen our dependence on foreign oil when the facts seem to indicate that refined crude will not stay on US soil very long.

Republicans have been very disappointing on this issue. Sean Hannity, Mitt Romney, etc. have all chimed in. Romney was even quoted as saying he would build the pipeline himself if elected.

Let’s be clear on the issue of job creation and energy development that will benefit US consumers and the American economy exclusively. I respect Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney, but why would they sensationalize lower gas prices at the pump via the Keystone pipeline when there is no apparent evidence to support the Keystone pipeline will have any direct impact on lower fuel prices at the pump or lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

Is anyone in the oil industry willing to answer these questions: Why do we export US crude and refined oil products and import foreign oil? What would our foreign oil dependence look like if we kept US crude right here in the US? I think we know the answer, but it would still be nice to get a response.

So where do Americans stand? Do we want jobs sold under the guise of lowering US foreign oil dependence? Or do we want to create energy industry jobs that “really” have an impact on reducing our need for foreign oil?

What are your thoughts? Are leaders doing enough to clearly articulate an energy and jobs strategy that makes the US economy stronger or will we develop energy jobs that will help export more US natural resources?



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