The other day I dropped my cell phone in some water for the first time ever in my life. I have a fairly new Blackberry phone and was certain that the phone would be dead. My daughter offered a solution that sounded crazy. She told me to put my cell phone in a bag of rice over night.

Apparently, the rice will absorb any moisture in the phone. With a deductible of $110 I was willing to give it a shot.

I left the phone in the bag of dry rice (not cooked) for about 24 hours along with the battery. I slowly took the phone out, shook out all of the rice and slowly put the battery back into the phone. And it worked!!! The phone booted initialized, and I didn’t loose any data. I made some phone calls and it worked fine.

The down side is that I talked with my brother, a Sprint sales engineer. He informed me that once the phone circuits get wet it’s only a matter of time before corrosion sets in. So, I’ve started the clock, I’ll see how long my phone lasts and will post back here with the long or short term results.

So, if you’ve dropped your $300 + smart phone into some water, try a bag of rice for 24 hours or so. It just might work for you as it did for me.

Have you ever dropped your cell phone into some water? If so, what did you try to dry it out? Did it work? Share your cell phone emergency dry out story with our visitors.

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